Editor Manual

Editor Manual
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Editor function description

Users can edit network asset topology through the 3D editor in Snapano.com

The editing area is divided into the following sections:

Top Navigation Action Area

Top area operations include:

  1. A list of all diagrams of the current user, the user can switch to edit different diagrams by selecting different titles.
  2. create a diagram
  3. save a diagram
  4. share a diagram
  5. delete a diagram
  6. export a diagram
  7. help center

Solution Template Menu

Users can select a solution template, and automatically create a diagram of the same data by referencing the template data

Event editing operation

Users can view the current system event list and create custom event templates

List of currently supported events, how to customize events, please refer to "Event Operation Guideline"

Component classification SideBar on the left

Users can drag and drop components of different categories on the left sidebar to the middle canvas to complete 3D visual diagram editing.

For the currently supported service provider components, please refer to "Service Component Classification Instructions"

Component property Panel on the right

After the user selects a component on the canvas, click the attribute editing button on the right to complete the attribute editing of the component on the canvas.

The current version has 5 operation attributes, scene attributes, component attributes, line attributes, area attributes, and text attributes.

Scene properties:

The user can modify the background color and background image of the scene.

The user selects a color module to change the background color, and selects a background image to replace the scene background image.

Component properties:

The user can modify the rotation angle of each component and save it to the cloud database.

Users can bind events on each selected component, including system events and custom events.

List of currently supported events, how to customize events, please refer to "Event Operation Guideline"

Line properties:

Users can modify the style, color, implementation/dashed lines of the lines between components

Area properties:

User can modify the color of the area

Text properties:

Users can add text to the scene, modify the text color and style

Text styles include liedown and standup

Intermediate canvas operation area

Users can edit the network topology map in the middle canvas area, connect multiple components, drag to change the position, add text, rotate the 3D perspective, switch the observation perspective, and preview the edited effect

After the user mouses over a component, three options of "arrow", "connection", and "text" are displayed above the component. After the user clicks the three buttons, the arrow connection can be completed, and the arrow connection can be added.

You can add text to the canvas when the user clicks the text icon

After selecting a line, the user can drag the line to create a point.

Multiple points can be created on each line. After double-clicking the points, the point can be deleted.

.For canvas interaction instructions, please refer to "3d cavans interaction instructions"