Product Description

Product Description


Users can visually manage their network digital assets through the snapano.


User login

The user registers and logs in the account in

After logging in, jump to the user's home page to view all the network diagrams (Diagram) created by the user.

Diagram List

After the user completes the login, they can view the list of all currently created diagrams (Diagram List),

  • When no Diagram is created, "No Diagram" is displayed by default, prompting the user to create a new Diagram
  • After creating a diagram, the user can view the currently created diagram list (Diagram List) on the list page. The list displays the title of each diagram, creation time, update time, as well as edit, delete, and share operations.

Diagram Edit

Users can create, edit, save, delete, and share diagrams in the editor

Greate Diagram

After the user clicks "add Diagram", the user is prompted to enter the title of the diagrams. The length of the title is 16 characters. After the user clicks save, the diagram created by the user will be saved on the Cloud.

Edit Diagram

Users can edit network asset topology through the snapano editor

For the function description of the editing area, please refer to 《Editor Function Description

Save Diagram

After the user clicks the save button, snapano will submit the currently edited data to the cloud, prompting the user that the current saving is successful.

Delete Diagram

When the user clicks the delete diagram button, the user will be prompted whether to delete the current diagram.

After the user confirm, the current diagram will be deleted from the database on the cloud.

Share Diagram

When the user clicks to share the diagram, the user is prompted to share the current address of the diagram to view, and the user can copy the current address to other users to view the diagram