PowerPoint add-in in Microsoft Appsorce

PowerPoint add-in in Microsoft Appsorce
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After you have made the 3D Digram topology on Snapano.com, you can  use the 3D Diagram directly in PowerPoint,

Present at the meeting.

PowerPoint versions and systems supported

Snapano PowerPoint add-in supports the following system platforms and versions, and your PowerPoint needs to be update to the following versions.

PowerPoint on iPad

PowerPoint on Mac (Microsoft 365)

PowerPoint 2016 or later on Mac

PowerPoint 2019 or later on Mac

PowerPoint on the web

PowerPoint 2013 or later on Windows

PowerPoint 2016 or later on Windows

PowerPoint 2019 or later on Windows

PowerPoint on Windows (Microsoft 365)

Get PowerPoint-add-in

There are two methods to get PowerPoint-add-in.

You can  click the following logo and visit to Microsoft's appsorce to get add-in.


You can install the Snapano app  into your Office account and use it directly in Office 365 directly.


After installation, you can  see the logo of Snapano in My Add-in in PowerPoint. After clicking the logo, you can use it directly.


You can get it  in PowerPoint.

Create a new Page in PowerPoint

In the open PowerPoint, click Insert and click Get add-ins.


In the App Store, search for "Snapano" to find Snapano's PowerPoint-add-in


Click the "Add" button, and Snapano PowerPoint add-in will be  loaded in the current page.


Log in to get the Diagram list in PowerPoint

Click the login button on the current user interface.


View the system's built-in Diagram Template

Snapano has 10 common network topological templates built into it, and you can choose to use in PowerPoint directly.